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Monday, August 02, 2004

my day so far

so far so good. the zoo test was pretty easy, buti na lang coz i slept lang talaga kahapon! well anyway, it was just one friggin quiz. not a long test or anything. not a big deal. yeah right. :) but since zoo is my most favorite subject, it really means to me that i get a high score. so off to studying! zoo is the only subject in this sem that i find significant. halurrrr!! haha, i would just like to say that.
in a few minutes we'll be going back to school. dissection again, but this time, of the internal organs. for the first time in bio 25 lab i'm going to use a mask. my teacher warned us kasi na we might inhale ascaris eggs. eeeewww! i'm not really squeamish but hey, i was a healthy child no. no worms in my tummy before and certainly i'm not about to get those parasites now!
just read ge's blog. hehehe. *big smile* he's not really vocal about things ya know but when i read it, it just hit me. hehehe.


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