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Monday, August 02, 2004

of histo 5 and chem

eeeew. i'm such a dork. title pa lang eh. that sounded like "of mice and men". haha! i'm almost finish studying for histo 5 because we have a quiz tomorrow. almost. which means i just browsed through my notes very quickly as in ang bilis talaga i think i was studying while falling asleep. hehehe. if there's such a thing as that. :) eto na naman, i'm blogging na naman. sinerioso ko na ang pag bblog! the primary reason i started to blog again is that i am so restless whenever i do nothing. which is pretty weird. to think that im always super stressed and that i should actually be content when im just twiddling my thumbs. but nooooo! inactivity kills me. what's more is that i tend to get irritable. and it follows that i irritate ge. hehehe. baka magalit pa sa akin. magbblog na lang ako! 
afterwards im going to study chem. somehow i find it real hard to start studying for that subject. ugh. pano ka ba naman gaganahan mag aral if you've exerted all your effort but still you get barely passing grades. last dep exam i got 57%. even after studying all night long. crap. but i have to study! so that i could go see rivermaya and sandwich on friday at tipunan. i even brought tinton's sandwich cd so that i could ask for their autograph. if ever..
i always complain, i always rant, i always whine. i just thought of something that would make me change that attitude!! at the end of each day, i should list something/s that made this day worthwhile. do i sound like me? hehehe. here's my list: 
1. did well (think so) on my zoo quiz. i swear, zoo gives the grade you deserve. all that effort put into good use.
2. laughed my heart out when jazel made knots at the ends of his gloves!
3. read ge's blog which made me go *awwww... :)*
4. ate cheetos which is my favoritest junk food on earth
5. chika with sheng about love life, what else? ;)
seeing the list really made me smile. maybe i should call it my "smile list"! hehehe. it perked me up and maybe i might even fool myself into studying for chem.


At 11:38 PM, Blogger rald said...

what about mu blog? hahaha. joke lang. i speak of the truth. :P gaaadd...i'm in my depressing phase ryt now...sana pagkagising ko, mawala na to....i really wanna cryyyyyyy!!!! maan! save me!!!!


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