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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

i'll try straight tagalog - since yours is in english :)

bakit ngayong umaga lang ako nagsusulat? kagabi kasi nakatulog lang ako. matagal. hindi dapat. isang kasalanan! dapat nag-aral ako. biruin mo, ang dami daming oras kahapon. 10-4 wala kaming klase. anong ginawa ko? natulog. pagkatapos naman ng Hum nanood kami ng Ella Enchanted. okey lang manood. dapat nag-aral ako pagkatapos. sinubukan ko naman eh. nakiusap ako kay gerald na tawagan ako ng 12:30 upang ako'y magising. hindi ko na maalala ang nangyari!

uhh.. english na lang. it's really hard to speak in straight filipino! that's why in our Hum test yesterday, i still answered in english even though the questions were in filipino. god knows what i'll put if i did it in filipino! i might have placed words like "grabe" "gawa kasi...(which is very very incorrect!)". don't get me wrong. i speak filipino most of the time but i find it hard to write using it.. about our hum test. it was easy. however, because it was in filipino, i had difficulty in understanding what the questions were all about. i just hope i understood correctly!

back here at the dorm, ge and i watched Ella Enchanted. wasn't really that good, but it's not that bad. anlabo yata. :) i mean it's a no comment film (and here i am commenting about it). hehehe. kids would have appreciated it more. kasi naman no, we discussed the concept of patterns in Hum and Ella is actually trapped in one. you could just imagine how us two nerds (ge and me) got hrilled at the idea of being able to apply what we've aptly learned in class! nyaaaar! :)

ooooh, i forgot to mention what became of our histo5 exam. as i said, it was just one friggin quiz. turned out the time and effort i've put out studying for it was enough. no biggie.

here's my smile list yesterday:
1. got to spend A LOT of time with my honey. :) yeeeeheeee!
2. slept for a long long time feeling ko si sleeping beauty na ko. however, a kiss was not enough to wake me up. hehehehehe.
3. bought sugarfreee's new album, dramachine, and it's good. my 250 pesos did not go into waste.
4. di na nag-iisip si ge magshift.

i'm surfing off peak. sige, got to go around for a while before the clock hits 7.


At 10:43 AM, Blogger rald said...

ayos post mo a! Tagalog! bwahaha! :D


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