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Thursday, August 05, 2004

me and my new hair

yesterday, i suddenly had the urge to have a haircut so i went to fix at rob. i told the lady cutter that i want a SHOULDER LENGTH cut. she seemed pretty confident that she could turn my locks into one fantabulous hairstyle. after snipping a considerable length of my hair for like 5 mins., she stopped and asked the lady blowdryer to blowdry my hair. i thought, wow naman and bilis. after blowdrying my hair... tadaaaa!!! i was gorgeous. my hair was sleek, and in fact chic. i felt so glamorous. however, lady cutter came back. i thought she was just "cleaning up", yung ginugupit lang yung mga hair na out of place. but nooooooooooo!! she was actually cutting AGAIN, for the 2nd time. it was already too late when i noticed it. how could i ask her to stop eh ang iksi na alangan namang maiksi yung isang side da ba?!! gosh. so now, i have short short hair. wow, the new shoulder length aka way way past my shoulders! buti na lang, i'm naturally pretty!! wahaha!! it doesn't matter what hairstyle i get. hahaha!! do i like it? i really don't know. at times, when i look at the mirror, i see 'ang kyuuuut'! but sometimes (or oftentimes?) it just looks so unkempt. and the fact that EVERYBODY notices it. argh!! don't like the attention when i'm not so confident about my new hair. my classmates would even tease me 'mandy moore'. but just the hair. or even 'christina ricci'. but just the hair. :) and the wide forehead i guess. :) hihihi. my mom was even nagtampo because she likes that i tie back my hair with a ponytail (mukha daw akong sweet!! which is true. hahaha!!). when i texted her last night, it was just after the first cut (the nice glamorous one) and so my text went like this: 'mommy!!! ang ganda ko!! nagpagupit ako!! ang iksi!! but it looks so glamorous!!' i just learned from my dad a few hours ago that my mom was nagtatampo. gosh, buti na lang i won't be going home this weekend! i'll have time to 'grow into' my haircut. i can just imagine how my mom would barage me with statements like, o what happened to your hair akala ko ba maganda? sabi na mas maganda yung mahaba eh! well anyway. hehehe. mothers will be mothers. it amuses me how she still cares about EVRYTHING i do even now that im already 18 (going on 19 malapit naaa!!). even my decision to have a haircut!! not that i'm complaining. i find it pretty sweet actually, and amusing nga din. i bet nag sesenti lang yun kasi she wishes that tinton and i would not grow up, just remain as kids, blahblah. eh kasi now we seem all grown up and all. my brother has finally decided on a career path (he wants to be a pilot! hahaha!!), and me, living away from home, being into a relationship... you know how senti parent could get.

wow, this is pretty long. actually, i am just detoxifying. i just finsihed stuffing my brain with useless stuff (histo5 quiz tomorrow, unexpected, unwanted, unacceptable!!) and i can't believe i did all that in less than an hour! graaaabeee!! yey!! sa sobrang bilis nakakatakot. i'll just review again (redundant. hehe) when i wake up tomorrow.

caffeine flows in my veins. i just drank 2 glasses of ice cold coffee. pag naman nakatulog pa ako, something's terribly wrong with me na! have to study chem. di ako matutulog, di ako matutulog, di ako matutulog!!!

here's my smile list for today:
1. gideon is unbashedly a fan of my new haircut. sabi nya, 'wag kang magpapakita kay mark' bakit? 'lest he wants to regret...!' wahahahahaha!! thanks!! mejo pantay na hair insecurity and confidence levels ko!
2. i only spent 20 pesos today! saving up in progress. :)
3. i actually woke up when i took a nap for about 20 mins.
4. i'm finished studying for histo5.
5. got a high score in zoo lab!!! yipeeee!! i luuuuurrrv zooo!!!!!!!
6. i'm not yet feeling sleepy.

gotta go study chem!! my mantra for today: chem is important. without chem, my life is without meaning. without chem, i would not exist, my family would not exist, gerald would not exist, my friends would not exist. there would only be nothingness. i need to fully understand chem because it is a manifestation of the life i sooooo passionately love. i have to study it carefully. understand it. love it. oh yeah, i'm getting excited na!!! i'm so sooooper excited to study chem!! my life has meaning!! wahahaha!! are you actually believing this?! god, i missed blogging.

one last thing: i look kyuuuuuuuut! tonight!


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